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I am very excited to introduce the members of the newly formed State Social Studies Council! The council met for the first time, in Reno, to discuss social studies issues, and to create a mission statement and set goals for the council. The council was put together, in part, to act as a liaison between myself (Stephanie Hartman, State Social Studies Consultant), and teachers across the districts and the state. If one of these teachers is at your school, please stop them in the hall to say "hello!" If not, please drop them a note to say "hello" and let them know of any pertinent social studies issues that need to be brought to the next meeting of the council.

Mission Statement To preserve, promote, and advance the value and integrity of K – 12 social studies education in an effort to create better citizens, and to establish relevancy of the discipline through the dissemination of information and the coordination of all Nevada’s social studies educators.


  1. Promote civic education in schools, districts, and across the state.
  2. Create an awareness of and interest for social studies programs and professional development opportunities.
  3. Support mentoring programs for new teachers statewide.
  4. Involve more teachers in promoting social studies education at the school, district, and state levels.
  5. Encourage districts to curriculum map in order to align state standards and curriculum.
  6. Establish funding to support the mission and goals created by the committee.
  7. Design and disseminate user friendly state standards.
  8. Educate administrators as to what social studies is and how social studies can be an integral part of the daily school curriculum.
  9. Promote literacy in the social studies classroom at all grade levels.

Please feel free to contact the person at your school or in your district with any news, events, or issues that you think the council needs to be aware of. To contact a council representative, simply click on their name below.

  • Batchelor, Milly
    • High Desert Montessori Charter Elementary (Washoe County)
    • Have worked as a 4th grade teacher and also special education k-12. Began working in charter schools in the summer of 98. Currently working on finishing a Nevada History book that can be used in the classroom, and that meets Nevada Standards for all grades: and/or general public friendly.
  • Beck, Ron
    • Albert Lowry High School (Humboldt County)
    • I have been teaching U.S. History, A.P. U.S. History, Current Events, and Contemporary History at Lowry High School for 17 years. I have also been a football coach for 17 years. I am orginally from Montana and graduated from Western Montana College in Dillon. I am married and have one daughter who is a freshman at UNR.
  • Biesiadecki, Barbara
    • Goldfarb Elementary School (Clark County)
    • I have been teaching for 21 years, and teaching Social Studies all of these years either as a middle school oe elementart school teacher. I firmly believe that it is imperative to make kids PART of our history lessons in order for them to enjoy, recall, and remember it.
  • Blair, Kristen
    • School: Elko Junior High School (Elko School District)
    • I have taught 7th grade English and social studies at Elko Junior High for the past 15 years. I recently added an ESL endorsement to my teaching license. I am also a site facilitator for NNRPDP.
  • Blewett, Ryan
    • Cimarron-Memorial High School (Clark County)
    • After teaching 7th grade US/Nevada History and 8th grade World Geography at Brinley Middle School for the past 5 years, I am now teaching U.S. Government and U.S. History at Cimarron-Memorial High School. The past few years, I have served as a Department Chair, a new teacher mentor, and as a basketball coach. Originally, from Northern Idaho, I received my teaching degree from Cornell College in Iowa, and moved to Las Vegas in 2000.
  • Clayton-Lee, Ginger
    • Chaparral High School (Clark County)
    • I am a 14 year veteran of the Clark County School District. I have a BA in Political Science and Communications and a Masters in Sociology, both from UNLV. I created and am currently teaching two new course offerings, Sociology of Crime and Peace and Conflict Studies, in addition to Peer Mediation. Previous teaching assignments have included World History, World History Honors, Street Law, Anthropology Honors, Sociology, U.S. History, Careers and Guidance. Over the years, I have helped to revise World History and Anthropology curriculums, was part of a Drop Out Pevention task force, and collaborated with the Neighborhood Justice Center in implementing Peer Mediation Programs at Booker Sixth Grade Center, Las Vegas High School, Eldorado High School and Chaparral High School. Under my guidance, the Chaparral Mediation program developed into an "alternative leadership" class in which students could earn credit as mediators. I am also currently a member Chaparral's School Improvement Team.
  • Curley, Tami
    • Sparks High School (Washoe County)
  • Dodge, Laurel
  • Guthrie, Scott
    • Elko High School & Wells High School (Elko County)
    • I currently teach AP Government, AP Psychology, & Government at Elko High School. I also teach and interactive video AP Government class to 8 Students at Wells High School. I have been teaching Social Studies for 15 years both at the Junior high and high school levels. I have a BS degree in Political Science and an MED in Leadership, both from University of Idaho. I started my teaching career on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation in Owyhee, NV, where I taught 7 - 12 grade social studies for four years before transferring to Elko High school. I was voted social studies teacher of the year in 2000 by the Social Studies Association of Nevada. I serve as the Social Studies chairman at Elko High, as well as, the Teen court, and Close Up advisor. I have also coached football throughout my teaching career. I believe that Social Studies should prepare all of our student to become contributing members of our society.
  • Hines, Carol
  • Hinton, Jeff
    • Sierra Vista High School (Clark County)
    • Jeff is a four year veteran of the Clark County School District and is currently teaching social studies at Sierra Vista High School. Jeff has a bachelors degree in American History, an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in American history focusing on the West. He has lived in Las Vegas for thirteen years is married and has two daughters.
  • Irigoin, Shyle
    • Pine Middle School (Washoe County)
    • I have been teaching 6 years at the middle school. I am the past president (2005 - 2006) of the Northern Nevada Council for the Social Studies, and am currently a member of the NCSS National Technology Committee
  • Jamieson, Gary
  • Krch, Julie
    • McGill Elementary (White Pine County)
    • I have had the pleasure of teaching in White Pine County for the past twenty-nine years. I believe that integrating language arts into the social studies content encourages students to read for a purpose and for understanding. Which in turn increases comprehension scores. I'm also a National Consultant for the Core Knowledge Foundation.
  • Krueger, Shanna
    • Dayton High School (Lyon County)
    • I am in my seventh year of teaching at Dayton High School. I teach Women in History, AP US Government, US Government, and Economics. I am also the Secretary for NNCSS.
  • Larson, Vallarie
    • Shaw Middle School (Washoe County)
    • I began teaching 14 years ago. I have taught special education,English and social studies. I enjoy teaching as well as being outdoors with my two young daughters.
  • MacIntyre, Donna
    • Swope Middle School (Washoe County)
    • I have taught at Swope Middle School for eighteen years---I even did my student teaching there! I teach all eighth grade US history classes and love every minute in the classroom.
  • Monfiletto, Ernie
    • Douglas High School (Douglas County)
    • Social Studies Department Chair
    • Assignment - U.S. History Team - English/History team teaching across the curriculum.
    • Married to Jill Monfiletto - 2nd Grade Teacher - Scarselli Elementary, Gardnerville, NV; No Children, three dogs - Chile, Ole' & Cricket
  • Olivé, Heidi
    • Charles Hughes Middle School (Clark County)
    • I have been teaching with the Clark County School District for 10 years. I have been a department chairperson, teacher on special assignment and classroom instructor in the high school and middle school arena.
  • Porter, Karen
    • Jerome D. Mack Middle School (Clark County)
    • I currently teach 7th grade U.S./Nevada history at Jerome D. Mack Middle School in the Clark County School District, and have 20 years experience in teaching the social studies curriculum. My background in the social studies field includes: department chair, Student Council advisor, past president of the Southern Nevada Social Studies Council, TC for the Geography Alliance of Nevada, and serving on curriculum committees.
  • Rusmisel, Roger
  • Scott, Walt
    • Virginia City Middle School - Social Studies grades 6-8(Storey County)
    • I was born in raised in Reno. I have taught in both rural and urban settings. I am an avid sports fan and enjoys participating in and coaching basketball and enjoys traveling.
  • Simms, Karen
    • Carson High School (Carson School District)
    • Social Studies Department Chairman for four years Currently teaching American Government (Seniors) and World History (Sophomores)Involved with the Carson City School District Curriculum Mapping Committee and Textbook Adoption Committee; Received B.S. in Education from UNR, M.A.T. from Grand-Canyon University, currently working on M.Ed.Ad. from Grand-Canyon University; Married for 26 years, and have four children.
  • Staffen, Karen
    • Hugh Gallagher Elementary (Storey County)
    • I 've taught at Gallagher Elementary in Storey County for four years--two in 4th grade, and two as reading and computer teacher. I recently served on the Math Standards Committee for revision of the math standards, and I've just taken on the additional position as the NWRPDP Trainer for our district. My focus as such will be K-8 literacy, and I plan on assisting educators in integrating reading and writing into their social studies content.
  • Terry, Shaun
    • Pershing County High School (Pershing County)
    • I currently teach Grade 9 - Science, World History I and II as well as Geography. I have been teaching for 11 years. I grew up in Ely and teach in Lovelock. I have a wife and two kids. I hunt and fish and teach. I am a current National Board candidate for ss-history.
  • Thompson, Callis Lee
    • Fertitta Middle School (Clark County)
    • I teach U.S. History and am the Department Chair. I enjoy the outdoors and have the opportunity to take the students on several field trips each year. These include a trip down the Colorado River while studying the history of the Boulder Dam area and the construction of the dam.
  • Thompson, Scott
    • Northside Elementary (Churchill County)
    • I am in my eighth year teaching, a second career for me. I am teaching third grade at Northside Elementary in Fallon. I team with my wife and another third grade teacher. I am teaching Social Studies and Science as well as writing to 66 students. I am married and have three grown children. I enjoy History very much. We love to travel and explore new locations!
  • Wakefield, Julie
    • McQueen High School (Washoe County)
    • I have been teaching for ten years. My area of interest is Geography and I am offering the AP Human Geography course for the first time this year!


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