Teachers, Counselors & Administrators

Partner In Possibility

Teachers, counselors and school administrators are on the front lines of an ever-changing economy requiring new skills, education and training for students. Each play a key role in preparing students to join the Nevada workforce. Receiving CTE training, exposing students to career opportunities, encouraging students and allowing discussions between those following various career pathways is key to setting up Nevada’s students for success. Providing all students with quality education and viable career options is fundamental to achieving these goals.

    Redefining Possibilities and Prosperity in Education

    The College & Career Ready Diploma is a new first step in providing curriculum and teaching that is pragmatic and tangible. Previously unengaged students are more likely to connect with curriculum that directly impacts their future, simultaneously enriching the teaching process for educators involved. Meaningful classroom content is a win-win for students and teachers alike, creating a positive dynamic of empowerment as students can envision an attainable and sustainable professional future in Nevada.

      Teaching Career and Technical Education

      There are two primary ways to get licensed to teach career and technical education programs of study.

      • A Business and Industry endorsement may be issued in any program of career and technical education based on work experience in a particular occupation or industry.
      • A Secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) License is the traditional education path to teaching which includes student teaching.