Nevada Commission on Mentoring Announces Upcoming $25,000 Micro-Grant Opportunity for Mentoring Organizations

January 28, 2022

CARSON CITY, Nev.This week, the Nevada Commission on Mentoring (NCOM) announced that $25,000 of its appropriated funding from the State would be used for the purpose of awarding grants to mentoring organizations in accordance with NRS 385.780.

Assembly Bill 235 (2019) noted: $25,000 will be appropriated to NCOM for the purpose of awarding grants of money to mentorship programs in accordance with the provisions of NRS 385.780. Statute requires the commission to develop a grants program in a responsible time frame in coordination with the Nevada Grant Office.

“Mentorship has been proven to create positive academic, social, and economic outcomes for our students, and it is a key factor in helping our students identify and attain their vision of success,” said Jhone Ebert, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. “I commend the Nevada Commission on Mentoring for their tireless work to support and facilitate mentorship programs in Nevada, and look forward to the positive impacts of these grants in supporting our Statewide organizations.”

“On behalf of NCOM commissioners, I thank Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, State Superintendent Jhone Ebert, the Nevada Department of Education, and Members of the Nevada Legislature for allowing us to carry out our mission to fund mentoring organizations across Nevada,” said NCOM Chairman Karl Catarata. “The late, great Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson, who created our commission, charted the course for us to leverage State funding to help uplift mentors and mentees. We look forward to creating a competitive grants program to begin distribution to hard-working organizations.”

This announcement comes during January, which is recognized as National Mentoring Month. Thursday, January 27, 2022 was proclaimed “Thank a Mentor Day” by Governor Sisolak.

“As we rebuild out of the pandemic, mentoring can provide supports that help our students thrive,” said Governor Steve Sisolak. “Through mentoring, we can support the academic growth and social-emotional health of our students, both of which are critical priorities in this time. I commend the Nevada Commission on Mentoring for moving this important work forward, and extend my gratitude for every mentor working with young people in our State.”

NCOM will publish the deadlines and details for the grant program in the coming weeks.




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The Commission on Mentoring was established to support and facilitate mentorship programs in the state of Nevada and to work in consultation with the Nevada Department of Education to provide direction and guidance to the State coordinator for mentorship programs. The Commission establishes model guidelines and guardrails for new and existing mentorship programs and develop model financial plans and protocols related to the management of mentors, mentees, and matches within existing mentorship programs. Learn more at the Nevada Commission on Mentoring Webpage.


Allegra Demerjian
Public Information Officer


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