Smarter Balanced Digital Library


The Digital Library is an online collection of high-quality instructional and professional learning resources contributed by educators for educators. These resources are aligned with the intent of the Nevada Academic Content Standards and help educators implement the formative assessment process to improve teaching and learning. Educators can use the materials to: 

  • Engage in professional learning communities
  • Differentiate instruction for diverse learners
  • Engage students in their own learning
  • Improve assessment literacy
  • Design professional development opportunities

Digital Library Playlists are a collection of resources in the Digital Library that address a progression in skills or understandings for a topic. There are three types of Playlists available to Nevada educators:

  • Instructional Playlists are collections of Digital Library instructional resources centered around content found on Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs).
  • Connections Playlists are a type of Instructional Playlist that are built based on student performance on IABs. Digital Library resources are selected and organized based on the specific achievement categories for an IAB. Connections Playlists are created by classroom educators in collaboration with Smarter Balanced facilitators.
  • Professional Learning Playlists are collections of resources in the Digital Library that focus on educator professional development.

Connections Playlists are available to help educators link student performance on the Interim Assessment Blocks (IAB) to useful, relevant instructional supports aligned to their students’ learning needs.

Who can access the Digital Library?
The Smarter Balanced Digital Library is intended for use by all K-12 Nevada educators. Educators with access have the ability to download and share the resources with others; however, students and parents do not have direct access to materials in the Digital Library.

How do access the Digital Library?
Nevada educators are able to self-register for an account on the Digital Library’s website. Helpful tips on setting up your account and viewing video tutorials please access the “Help Topics”.



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