National School Lunch Program

The National School Lunch Program provides nutritious lunches and the opportunity to practice skills learned in classroom nutrition education.  Meal cost is established by household income information provided to the school district by each student participating in the program. This program also offers after school snacks in sites that meet eligibility requirements.

School Breakfast Program
provides nutritious breakfasts to promote learning readiness and healthy eating behaviors.

CNP System

 Forms, Memos, Resources Free/Reduced Reports

Training Information/Policy

The Child Nutrition Program (CNP) System is a web-based Sponsor application and payment processing system, and is available to use with the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, Special Milk Program and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. To access the site, click on the CNP link below.

CNP System Instructions w/Verification (pdf) (pdf)
CNP System Training (
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program CNP Manual  (pdf)



Policy Manuals and Guidance for NSLP and SMP programs
Menus for child nutrition programs are designed based upon regulatory guidance and resources designed for uniform interpretation of nutrient needs by the American public.

Training Handouts and OCNSH Webinar MS PowerPoint Presentations
OCNSH presents training at Directors’ Meetings and in Webinar Format. Each sponsor is responsible for attending provided training sessions or Webinar presentations. Each session is available for independent review. Meeting or training information may not be reproduced in its entirety.
Nevada’s Guidance for Meal Pattern 2011-12 (pdf)

Menu Development Special Need Guidance Food Safety Annual Civil Rights Compliance  
Menus for child nutrition programs are designed based upon regulatory guidance and resources designed for uniform interpretation of nutrient needs by the American public.
Choose My Plate for Kids
Choose My
My Pyramid Fact Sheet
Trim the Trans Fat
Use Low-Fat Milk, Cheese and Yogurt
Jazz Up Your Menu With Fruit

Food Buying Guide - This publication assists those sponsors using food based menu planning options determine fulfillment of component requirements.

Fruit and Veggie Cookbook – Utilize fruits and veggies at all your meals! Try some recipes from the Fruit and Veggies Cookbook developed by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

NDE-OCNSH Menu Standards – This document assists sponsors with the incorporation of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines into school lunch and breakfast menus.

Offer vs Service Option - Schools who serve high school aged students are required to provide "Offer vs. Serve" menus. Please refer to the attached federal manual on the topic or call your consultant for further information.
As a sponsor for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program there are times when children will require specialized meal services. More information on providing accommodations required by regulation may be viewed at: 
Serving Children with Special Needs
School Food Authorities are part of the first line of defense in keeping food safe for Nevada’s Children. Keep informed about food safety.
is completed by attending a mandatory training session announced in the Fall of each year or by the following: Read Civil Rights Instruction FNS 113 Read Civil Rights Instruction FNS 113 while following the Civil Rights Training PowerPoint. Complete the Civil Rights Challenge and forward the document to your program consultant:
            700 E Fifth St. Suite 109
             Carson City, NV 89701
Civil Rights Compliance Instructions
2012 Civil Rights Challenge
Civil Rights Training (PowerPoint)
FNS 113-1 Civil Rights Instruction Link

HACCP Evolution

Pandemic Planning

USDA Regulations 

School lunch
Initial Development & Training

Federal regulations under the NSLP and SBP programs require each sponsor to have completed a written HACCP plan, including full standardized operating procedures. 

These plans must be implemented and staff must be trained for the program to be in full compliance.  The second evolution of the HACCP plan, once implemented, is to review the plan annually to ensure that all components are functioning within the program effectively.  Once the annual review is completed, the sponsor should begin working on enhance of the HACCP plan by incorporating disaster planning, bio-security, and pandemic elements. 
  Human Pandemic Planning 
Disaster Assistance - Human Pandemic

FNS nutrition assistance programs have a role in responding to nutrition assistance needs during a human pandemic influenza. Guidance for pandemic planning for H1N1 may be located here. 

Nevada Schools Pandemic Waiver Request
Pandemic Waiver Request (pdf)

Emergency Food Service Planning Readiness Resources

The following packets & forms may be utilized to add a disaster planning module to your HACCP plan. All sponsors should have a disaster planning module included in their manuals by the beginning of SY 2011.

Emergency Readiness Resource Materials
biosecurity (pdf)
e-readinessguide (pdf)

e-readinessforms (pdf)
The USDA regulations for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)are obtained from the Code of Federal Regulations, 7 CFR 210.

The USDA regulation for the School Breakfast Program (SBP) are obtained from the Code of Federal Regulations, 7 CFR 220.

The USDA regulations for the Special Milk Program (SMP) are obtained from the Code of Federal Regulations, 7 CFR 215. 
USDA Regulations Link

Contracting with Food Service Management Companies - Guidance for School Food Service Authorities (pdf)


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