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    View the Test

    There is a process to allow legal guardians of students to view the test completed by their child. This is available for students who were enrolled full or part-time in Nevada public and charter schools and who took part in state testing.

    The opportunity to view a federally mandated assessment is available to the legal guardian of a student, or students who are at least 18 years old or emancipated. This process will facilitate access to the test questions for the appropriate assessment. Moreover, the process ensures legal guardians that the confidentiality of their child’s educational record is maintained. The following tests are available to view:

    •  Smarter Balanced 
    •  Science grades 5,8
    •  Nevada Alternate Assessment 

    The integrity of the state assessments are protected by using test security best practices during the review of the assessments (e.g. no phone, no paper, no pens, etc. will be allowed during the review of the assessments). Requests are only available for the most recent test administration and must be viewed prior to the beginning of the new testing window. For example, if a student took a federally mandated assessment in spring of 2017, the legal guardian would only be able to see that test after the testing window has closed and tests are scored, and prior to the beginning of the testing window in spring 2018.

    Projected Process

    1. Legal guardian or adult student obtains request form from district.
    2. Legal guardian or adult student fills out request form and mails it to district.
    3. NDE receives the completed request form from district, verifies the information provided, and submits a request to the test contractor to pull test material from the archive.
    4. NDE notifies the school district of the request.
    5. Tests are mailed to the District Test Coordinator in the child’s current school district.
    6. Upon receipt of materials, the District Test Coordinator contacts the Legal guardian or adult student to schedule a test review.
    7. Viewing of tests is conducted per assessment security best practice, under the supervision of the District Test Coordinator for no longer than one hour.
    8. Legal guardians or adult students must sign a non-disclosure agreement.
    9. Upon conclusion of the legal guardian viewing, and all test materials are returned to NDE.