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Boards, Commissions, and Councils

State Board of Education

The Nevada Department of Education is committed to transparency, inclusivity, and community collaboration in policymaking. One of the many ways we engage representatives and stakeholders from across Nevada's Pre-K-12 public education system is through the work of boards, commissions, and councils. In addition to groups established in State law, the Department convenes workgroups and task forces to maximize stakeholder voice in all our work. For simplicity, we collectively refer to these groups as "boards." More information on the various boards convened and supported by the Department is below.

The meetings of all statutory boards are open to the public; they are livestreamed and invite the public to submit comment regarding the work of that board. For more information, see our Public Meetings calendar as well as information on Regulation Workshops and Public Hearings.

Boards Convened by the Department

Inactive Boards

Some boards created by State law or convened by the Department have a limited scope of work or a specific sunset (end) date. This means that the group will disband once its work is complete.

Archived Boards and Commissions Materials for the following inactive committees and workgroups can be access by following the links below:

Materials for the following inactive boards, commissions, and task forces have been archived, and documents related to their work may be requested via public records request (instructions below):

• Advisory Task Force on Educator Professional Development • Commission on Educational Technology • Educator Code of Ethics Advisory Group • District Directors • Funding Work Committee (SB 178) • High School Graduation Committee • Nevada STEM Advisory Council • Spending and Government Efficiency Commission (SAGE)

Request Archived Meeting Materials

To request archived meeting materials, please complete a public records request using the link below: