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    The Nevada Legislative Session is a biennial event, which means it takes place every other year. In odd calendar years, lawmakers from the Nevada State Legislature meet to propose, debate, and pass laws that will impact the State and its citizens. A regular session typically lasts for 120 days and is held in Carson City, the capital of Nevada.

    The Nevada Department of Education (NDE or Department) plays an important role in the Legislative Session, as we work closely with lawmakers to ensure that the needs and priorities of Nevada's pre-K-12 students and educators are heard and addressed. Department staff provide expert testimony and analysis regarding policies and funding that will support high-quality education options for all Nevada students. The Nevada Department of Education also sponsors its own bills every legislative session. 

      Legislative Information

      For more information on Nevada's Legislature and Legislative Sessions, the following links may be helpful:

        Bill Draft Requests

        During each Legislative Session, executive agencies like NDE are invited to submit bill draft requests, which may be considered by legislators and passed into law. Below are links to the bills sponsored by NDE in recent years, which are labeled as Assembly Bills (AB) or Senate Bills (SB), accompanied by an assigned bill number. Using the links below, you can review the bill text and history: 

          82nd(2023) Session: 


          81st (2021) Session:


          80th (2019) Session:


          79th (2017) Session:





          • AB7: Student Achievement


























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