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Multicultural Task Force


In 2015, Assembly Bill 234 established the K-12 Academic ContentStandards, which required that educators complete a multicultural educationcourse prior to their initial licensing. Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 389.520further requires that the standards for social studies include multiculturaleducation, including information related to the contributions made by men andwomen from various racial and ethnic backgrounds.

The mission of the Multicultural Education Task Force is toensure that students receive educational equity by promoting the development ofinclusive and responsive instructional practices while respecting andappreciating the cultural diversity throughout Nevada.


  • Examine currentculturally inclusive teaching practices in Nevada
  • Build educatorcapacity to increase culturally inclusive and multicultural educationprinciples into curriculum and classroom environments
  • Provide professionallearning resources on cross curricular culturally inclusiveness andmulticultural education principles within the statewide learning managementsystem (LMS)
  • Develop a rubric toreview resources to ensure alignment to the Nevada Academic Content Standardsand support implementation of the multicultural standards in social studies andcross curricular
  • Curate resources andinstructional materials for recommend use in all K-12 classrooms