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    Alternative Discipline Strategies

    Alternative School Discipline Strategies (ECS, January 2018) -- This Policy Snapshot highlights trends in the use of restorative practices and positive behavioral supports and interventions.

      Suspension and Expulsion (ECS, January 2018) -- This Policy Snapshot looks at recent legislation addressing school discipline, which has primarily focused on reducing the use of suspension and expulsion, limiting lengths of suspension, implementing reporting requirements and supporting student re-engagement.

        Maryland Safe to Learn Act

        Maryland Safe to Learn Act of 2018 Bill Analysis (Maryland Department of Legislative Services, April 2018) – This analysis, written by staff from the Department of Legislative Services in Maryland, provides a detailed summary of the bill’s provisions, including the fiscal impact of the

        Mental Health:

        State Information Request: Student Mental Health (ECS, April 2018) -- A staff member at a state legislative office asked what states are doing to promote mental health in schools. Our response included information about school based mental health professionals, mental health awareness, trauma informed practices and social emotional learning. This document has links to a lot of great resources including research on school-based mental health services and state initiatives on this issue.

        States pass diverse slate of mental health legislation in 2013 (ECS, February 2014) -- This report provides summaries of bills passed in the legislative session following the Sandy Hook tragedy that illustrate the diversity of mental health-related legislation passed and highlights other resources related to mental health and suicide prevention.

        School Safety Generally

        States respond to school safety concerns with 2013 legislation (ECS, February 2014) -- This report reviews school safety-related laws passed in the legislative session following the Sandy Hook tragedy to better understand trends in policy and highlights efforts of lawmakers to provide students with safe places to learn.

        ECS State Education Policy Tracking

        Just as a possible point of interest for your task force, we are currently tracking 51 bills in 19 states related to weapons in schools. We are also tracking 69 bills in in 23 states related to emergency preparedness in schools, which includes things like school safety and emergency management plans, drills, coordination with law enforcement, and safety training for school personnel. As these bills are enacted (if they are enacted) they will show up on our bill tracking map linked to above.