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Parental Involvement & Family Engagement


The Office of Parental Involvement and Family Engagement actively promotes and supports the participation and engagement offamilies and communities in a child’s education. Family engagement is a shared responsibility between schools, families, and communities where all receive equitable access to tools and supports needed to successfully work together toward the development of children and youth for college, career, and lifelong learning. This office, created by Assembly Bill 224 of the 2011 Legislative Session:

  • Assists school districts and schools with incorporating effective family engagement practices andstrategies;
  • Collaborates with the Advisory Council for Family Engagement to create, develop, and evaluate stateand local family engagement policies;
  • Collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to plan and implement a biennial statewide family engagement summit; and
  • Shares with districts and schools family engagement best practices and grant information.

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