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    Professional Development Information for Providers


    Regulation 110-18 Changes NAC 391.065 and 391.075.

    • Repealed the requirements of NAC 391.075 removing the restrictions imposed on professional development activities and allowing flexibility in obtaining professional development for licensure renewal.
    • Updated the renewal requirement for educator licenses in NAC 391.065 to require 15 hours each calendar year of professional development or the equivalent of in-service training.

    Regulation 093-18 Established standardsfor professional development.

    Provider Information

    Professional Development providers no longer need pre-approval from the Department of Education to provide professional development activities. Providers need to complete an Annual Assurances document each school year. Currently there are two different versions of this document depending on the provider type.

    Regional Professional Development Programs, Public School Districts, and Public Charter Schools must complete Annual Assurances document for Providers v1.

    Approved Online Providers, College/Universities, Employee Associations, Independent Providers, Private Schools, Professional Organizations, State Agencies, or Other Providers must complete Annual Assurances document for Providers v2.

    Online Providers must complete an initial application to become an Approved Online Provider of professional development.

    Once NDE receives the Annual Assurances document, the provider will be added to our Approved Continuing Education Providers webpage. At the conclusion of the professional development activity, the provider is responsible for providing a certificate, letter, or transcript to the educator indicating:

    1. Name of provider
    2. Name of activity
    3. Name of participant
    4. Date or date range of activity
    5. Number of instructional hours for the activity
    6. Do not use NDE name or logo on your certificate, letter, or transcript

    The educator will upload this certificate, letter, or transcript into their OPAL account each calendar year as 15 hours of professional development is required each calendar year.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Does NDE have example certificates and fillable forms?
      A: Yes, NDE has fillable forms for the Annual Assurances and Approved Online Provider Application documents as well as an example certificate. These can be requested at

      Q: Do providers need to offer a minimum of 7.5 or 15 hours for a professional development activity?
      A: No, NDE will count each instructional hour of professional development toward licensure renewal as we are not counting credits anymore.

      Q: What are instructional hours?
      A: Instructional hours include participating in the professional development activity. Instructional hours do not include time for registration, breaks, meals, networking, or independent reading, reflection, or working on an assignment unless there is an expected deliverable for the PD activity from this independent work.

      Q: Can providers count Professional Learning Communities and School Based Collaborative Time as Professional Development hours?
      A: Yes. The provider needs to determine how many hours of this activity incorporate the Nevada Standards for Professional Development and record those hours on a letter, certificate, or transcript for the educator. NDE recommends issuing a letter or certificate to educators each semester for this activity as regulation requires educators to earn 15 hours each calendar year.