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    DonorsChoose Federal Relief Funding Partnership

    • Request classroom resources through DonorsChoose and we'll support your project up to $800

    End of Program Update

    On December 13, it was announced that all $8 million of the DonorsChoose funding had be distributed to nearly 11,000 classrooms. You can see the impact of the program here.

      Program Overview

      The Nevada Department of Education, in partnership with Governor Sisolak and the Nevada Legislature, has allocated $8 million in State federal relief funding to champion the efforts of our educators as you work to support the social, emotional, and mental well-being of our students and find creative ways to address the impacts of interrupted learning. With this investment, 10,000 Nevada K-12 public school educators will receive up to $800 in classroom resources.

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      Program Timing

      Eligiblerequests published on DonorsChoose will be funded on a first-come first-servedbasis starting on September 29, 2021, and for as long as funding is available.Projects $800 or under are anticipated to be reviewed, approved, and funded within one week from educator submission. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Which educators qualify; who is eligible?

      All Nevada public school educators who teach students in kindergarten –12th grade are eligible for the program. For the purposes of this program, “Nevada educator” is defined as any full-time equivalent public school employee who spends the majority of their time directly educating or counseling students. Readmore at this link.  

      What type of projects qualify for the program?

      To be funded, projects must align with Nevada’s prioritiesfor COVID-19 response and recovery, and instructional materials must align withNevada Academic Content Standards (NVACS). The Nevada Priorities for COVID-19response and recovery are:

      Ensuring safe and healthy in-person learning environment conducive to students’ social-emotional and academic development

      Access to distance education and technological capacity for educators, students, and families

      Social and emotional support of students in response to the effects of COVID-19

      Support of parents, families, and communities 

      How many Nevada educators can receive this funding?

      At least 10,000 Nevada educators will receive up to $800 worth ofclassroom resources. Additional educators may receive resources if funding allows.  

      What resources can educators request?

      Educators can request classroom resources, including but not limited to supplies, technology, and instructional materials. 

      What is the process and timeline for awarding projects?

      Eligible requests will be funded on a first-come first-served basis starting on September 29, 2021, and for as long as funding is available. Projects $800 or under are anticipated to be reviewed, approved, and funded within one week from educator submission. 

      Can a non-educator nominate an educator and/or project?

      No. Funding through this partnership is intended to address the individual and specific need (s) of each educator and classroom. Educators must submit their own projects to participate in the program.   

      Can educators submit multiple projects for funding?

      Each Nevada educator can only have one project funded through this investment. However, educators are encouraged to post additional projects to DonorsChoose and crowdsource funding. More than 7,800 Nevada educators have received a total of over $13 million in classroom resources through crowdfunding on DonorsChoose since 2000.

      Will the Nevada projects listed on the DonorsChoose website prior to September 29 be funded through this initiative?

      Because all projects funded through this program must align with the Nevada COVID-19 response and recovery priorities and Nevada Academic ContentStandards, only projects posted by Nevada educators on or after September 29and following the Nevada program requirements will be eligible. 

      If an educator has already published a project prior to September 29and it does not have any donations, they may cancel their project and resubmit it using the new instructions to qualify for this funding opportunity. 

      How have Nevada’s classroom benefited from DonorsChoose in the past?

      To date, more than 7,800 Nevada teachershave raised $13 million for projects that help go above and beyond in the classroom. In addition, tenNevada school districts have joined the DonorsChoose DistrictPartnership Program to date.

      What is the DonorsChoose District Partnership Program?

      The DonorsChoose DistrictPartnership Program is a no-cost way for participatingdistricts to: ensure educators’ projects align with local curriculum andtechnology specifications; access free ongoing reporting; and receive earlynotification of funding opportunities and resources.  

      For any other questions or information, reach out toDonorsChoose via their Help Center.  

      Help Us Spread the Word

      We need your help in spreading the word about this opportunity to each and every educator in Nevada! The Nevada Department of Education has compiled several promotional resources including social media posts and graphics, email content and graphics, a program overview document, and a flyer to be printed and posted in schools.  

      Accessthe promotional toolkit here.