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    Incentivizing Pathways to Teaching: 3,840 Pre-Service Nevada Educators to Receive Grants while Completing Coursework or Student Teaching

    Program Overview

    With the Incentivizing Pathways to Teaching (IPT) Grant Program, the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) will grow Nevada’s educator workforce by providing stipends to support pre-service educators as they complete coursework or student teaching at a Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) institution.

    Too often, educator candidates are unable to complete their programs and graduate licensure-ready due to the financial hardship of giving up part-time work to accommodate a student teaching schedule. The IPT Grant Program provides financial supports to ensure qualified educator candidates have the resources they need to complete their educator preparation programs on-time.

    Support is provided to pre-service educators in two different forms:

    • Students may receive up to $2,000 for tuition assistance during their final three semesters of their educator preparation program.
    • Students may receive up to $8,400 for stipends during their student teaching semester.

    The IPT Grant Program is anticipated to support 3,840 pre-service Nevada educators in total, 2,000 with student teaching stipends and 1,840 with education preparation program tuition assistance. If accepted, each candidate who receives these funds must obtain a Nevada standard teaching license and seek employment in a public school in the State of Nevada.

      Program Timing

      The IPT Grant Program was approved in spring 2021 by the Interim Finance Committee of the Nevada Legislature. NDE launched the Program in fall 2021 and will implement it for two calendar years, until the end of spring 2023. The fall 2021 cohort of pre-service educators included stipends for 265 teachers during their student teaching, and tuition assistance for 764 teachers.

        Funding Source

        $20.7 million was allocated to this project from State Elementaryand Secondary School Emergency Relief II (ESSER II) funding out of the CoronavirusResponse and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA), which represents43% of all CRRSA funding available for Statewide activities. In each round of federal relief funding,NDE can use up to 10% for Statewide activities and administration and theremaining 90% was allocated to local education agencies based on a federalformula.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Who qualifies for the IPT Grantprogram?

          Pre-service teachers who are enrolled in a traditional pathway program while completing their student teaching or finalthree semesters at an NSHE institution or another approved educator preparationprogram qualify for the IPT Grant Program. Priority will be given to candidateswho have financial need and/or identify as a person of color. 

          How do Educator Preparation Programproviders apply for these funds?

          Educator preparation program (EPP)providers may apply for funds based on the number of pre-service candidatesenrolled in a traditional pathway teaching program who are in need of tuitionassistance and/or financial assistance in the form of stipends for otherexpenses. 

          How do students apply to receive anIPT Grant?

          Students who meet the qualifications establishedby their NSHE institution or other approved educator preparation program canapply through their NSHE institution. 

          How many pre-service educators can receive thesegrants, and how many grants does NDE anticipate to award in total?

          NDE anticipates the IPT Grant Programwill support 2,000 pre-service teachers with student teaching stipends and1,840 teachers with education preparation program tuition assistance throughoutits lifetime. In total, the Program has the potential to support 3,840pre-service Nevada educators for Nevada. 

          Can students receive these grants in addition to Teach Nevada and other grants or scholarships?

          Yes, these funds may be used in conjunction with the TeachNevada Scholarship and other grant or scholarship funds. 

          What requirements must pre-serviceeducators who receive these grants adhere to?

          If accepted, each candidate who receives thesefunds must obtain a Nevada standard teaching license and seek employment in apublic school in the State of Nevada.