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    Distance Education FAQ

    Where can I find a list of State-approved online (distance education) courses?

    Please be advised that the Nevada Department of Education regulates the approval of distance education courses and programs according to NRS 388 and NAC 388 for our public and charter schools. For more information and a list of the State approved distance education programs please click the link below.

      My child hates going to school but loves to learn. As parents we would like to homeschool, but we both work. Are there any other alternatives for our child?

      Distance Education may be a good option for your child and your family. Click here for more information. Please note: only Nevada public school districts and Charter Schools are eligible to apply for approval to operate a program of Distance Education for Nevada students. Click on the link "General Program Requirements - NRS and NAC (PDF)."

      You might also want to meet with your child's school counselor to discuss any questions you might have.