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    What are the requirements for graduating from a Nevada public high school?

    I completed my senior year but I was not eligible to earn a high school diploma because I was unable to retake the proficiency exam. I am currently in the military. What options are available to me to receive a diploma now?

    Congratulations on pursuing the steps necessary to receive a high school diploma; and thank you for your service to our country! After a student has completed their senior year, proficiency exams are only given in person, to Nevada residents only, in the month of July for earning a high school diploma. Any exemption that might be made for completing the proficiency tests for a high school diploma after that summer's July would be for a military member, and only if they move back to Nevada as a resident. If this pertains to you, please contact the high school you attended to inquire about this possibility. If it is not possible to take your proficiency exam(s) but you have moved back to Nevada, you can enroll in an Adult High School program for free to earn a Nevada Adult High School Diploma; or, you can study to receive a High School Equivalency Certificate.

    What is the minimum age requirement for taking a High School Equivalency (HSE) test?

    The minimum age for taking a HSE test is 18 years. However, if a student is 16 or 17 years of age and wishes to take the High School Equivalency exam, they could be eligible by obtaining an official written permission of withdrawal from compulsory attendance from the board of trustees of a school district (or their designee within the school district or at your zoned school), along with signed parental permission, present it to a local test center, and then demonstrate proficiency by passing a practice test. It is important to contact the local testing center to verify that all requirements have been met before registering or scheduling an HSE exam. It is advisable that the student meet with a high school counselor or a high school administrator to discuss any other steps that may be necessary for their particular school district.

    After a student receives permission to take the HSE, the State provides free assistance to prepare for it here.

    Please note : If the 16 or 17 year old student fails the HSE test, they must re-enroll in their high school and must attend their regular classes to earn their high school diploma, and to avoid truancy.

    • Testing FAQs (external link)
    • Testing Centers by Nevada County (external link)

    How do I avoid being truant if I no longer want to attend my high school?

    Any person under the age of 18 who has not graduated from high school must stay in school to avoid being truant.

    If a student is 16 or 17 years old and wants to stop attending high school, they may take steps necessary to be granted permission from their Board of Trustees to take, and pass, the High School Equivalency (HSE) test. For more information please visit this website: see the Testing FAQs above.

    I never completed high school and I need a high school diploma for the job I applied to. What can I do now?

    In the State of Nevada, many employers recognize the High School Equivalency (HSE) Certificate as equal to a high school diploma. A HSE Certificate can be earned by preparing for and taking an exam. 

    If you are 18 or older, you can study for and earn an Adult High School diploma. Click here are the locations that offer this program.

    Are there any online companies that offer a way to earn a Nevada high school diploma?

    No. Nevada does not recognize any online companies that offer a Nevada high school diploma. Please do not pay for or sign up for an online course that makes this claim.

      I never completed my senior year, I am still 18 years old, and I would like to receive my high school diploma? What should I do?

      Because you are still 18 years old, you can contact your high school's counselor to express your determination to finish high school and earn a high school diploma.
      If you are currently employed, the counselor may be able to make recommendations such as taking on-line classes, zero and last period classes, evening classes, dual credits at a college, or summer school classes at your high school. Don't give up!!

        I am not 21 years old yet and I want to receive a high school diploma, not a certificate. Is this possible?

        Desert Rose High School in Las Vegas accepts students up to 21 years of age. The classes are held from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. This helps students who are employed at a job to complete the needed credits to earn a high school diploma.

          I dropped out of high school and I am over 18 years old; can I finish my high school online (distance education) so that I can keep working full time?

          There are no distant education (online) State-approved adult programs available directly to a student for a Nevada diploma. However, you can receive an Adult Standard Diploma through programs available at no charge that may offer some classes online. When you register, a counselor will assist you to take as many classes online as possible.

          What is the age limit for a student to attend public high school?

          Nevada students may attend a comprehensive public school up until the age of 21, or may attend an Adult High School program from 18 years to any age older.