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    Purchasing FAQ

    How can I sell my curriculum to the Nevada Department of Education?

    The Nevada Department of Education does not purchase curriculum or products for our Nevada schools. The Department oversees the adoption process of the Nevada State Standards. Then, each local school district selects and can adjust a curriculum to align to the Nevada State Standards. The board of trustees of each school district must approve the curriculum each district submits; the board is the governing body that oversees the curriculum used in their district.

    If you would like to contact each school district directly to make inquiries, click the link below.

    Please be advised that if you enter into an agreement with a school or district for any sales or contracts, you will need to first become an authorized vendor in the State of Nevada.

    Can my material or product be made available as an educational resource on the Nevada Department of Education website?

    Our website resource page is purposely limited. Our school districts might choose to include your resource information on their websites.

      How do I become an authorized vendor in the State of Nevada?

      Please contact the Nevada Purchasing Division for assistance in becoming an approved vendor in the State of Nevada.