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    Nevada Department of Education Debuts Online Processing of Applications for Licensure (OPAL) Today

    Immediate Release

    April 04, 2018

    CARSON CITY, Nev. – Beginning today, Educators in Nevada can initiate the licensure process online.
    The new system named OPAL – Online Processing for Application for Licensure – can be accessed through Educator Licensure. In addition to being able to conduct licensure transactions online, applicants will know where they are in the process through text and email messaging, as well as status notifications in their personal applicant portal, throughout the process.

    “Once educators establish an account, they will apply, update their name and contact information as needed, renew, remove provisions, and or add endorsements all online,” said Jason Dietrich, the Nevada Department of Education’s (NDE) Director of Educator Licensure. “Educators will no longer need to do a paper application through the NDE offices in Las Vegas and Carson City. The majority of licensure- related business can now be done from anywhere, at any time.”

    Initial licensure and renewal fees have increased by $19 in order to run and maintain OPAL. However, fees for additional endorsements to an existing license will not increase. Active duty, Veterans, and retired military personnel, as well as their spouses, will receive a $50 reduction in the application and renewal fees.
    NDE received approval from the 2017 Legislature to begin developing an online licensure system using $650,000 of licensure fees. No general fund tax dollars have been allocated in creating the new system through Nevada-based vendor InLumon.
    “Creating an educator licensure system that works for our educators ultimately benefits our students,” State Senator Joyce Woodhouse said. “I’m thrilled that this new system will be faster, streamline the licensure process and make everything more transparent. This new system will not only save a lot of time for new educators applying for initial licensure and those renewing licenses, and I also believe it will help us recruit the very best educators from out of state. The bottom line is this will help get more qualified educators into our classrooms working with students.”

    Dietrich added that the Office of Educator Licensure is pleased to be able to offer this technology to the educational community, streamlining and modernizing all licensing processes and decreasing barriers from the previous paper-based application system.


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