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    Second Round of Title I School Improvement Grant Funding Results in $1.4 Million Distribution to Nevada Schools

    Immediate Release

    March 08, 2018

    CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) has announced that an additional $1.4 million has been dispersed in the second round of funding to Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) schools. An initial $7 million was dispersed earlier this academic year in the Title I, 1003(a) school improvement grant process under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

    “These funds are used on interventions, strategies and activities that meet the highest ESSA evidence levels to drive student achievement and attain the state’s goal of becoming the fastest improving state in the nation,” said Steve Canavero, Ph.D., Superintendent of Public Instruction.

    NDE awarded 28 schools in five districts approximately $1.4 million in 1003(a) funding that will be used from now until the Fiscal Year 2018 federal funding period expires in late September. All schools elected to work with evidence-based non-profit partners to conduct needs assessments and assist the schools in developing strategic, comprehensive school improvement plans with a focus on school leadership development and/or data informed decision making.

    As a result of the 1003(a) Round 2 funding, Schurz Elementary and Hawthorne Junior High in the Mineral County School District will be able to work with evidence-based NYC Leadership Academy to broaden professional development and training to support district leaders and principals.

    "The Mineral County School District is excited to receive the Title 1003(a) award,” said Kelly Wales, Mineral County School District Intervention and Special Education Services Coordinator. “The funding will allow our district to contract with evidence based non-profit, the NYC Leadership Academy (NYCLA) who will work with school and district leaders to develop a common vision, skills and capacity to support students within Mineral County. A specific focus to enhance and improve school leadership and to increase data based decision making is at the forefront of our district priorities."

    The Washoe County School District will use its 1003(a) Round 2 funding to partner six of its schools with Partners in School Innovation (Partners). Partners will assist with reviewing individual school systems in the spring semester and work with the District and school leadership teams to develop a plan for school improvement focusing on school leadership and data informed decision making.

    “The funding provided by the Title 1003(a) grant program has allowed administrators and teachers at underperforming schools to work with industry-proven trainers and focus their professional development on leadership development and data-driven decision-making,” said David Lasic, Chief of Staff for Washoe County School District. “This intensive focus is instrumental in aligning each school’s School Performance Plan with the State of Nevada’s school improvement efforts.”

    NDE will soon release a consolidated Request for Application (RFA) that will include FY19 Title I, 1003(a) funding for the state’s CSI schools on the Risings Stars list. Pending the amount of Title I A funding the state receives from the U.S. Department of Education, NDE expects approximately $8 million in 1003(a) will be available to award to districts and schools to implement evidence-based interventions.


    Greg Bortolin