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    Nevada’s Elementary Summer Literacy Camps Conclude First Session

    The Nevada Department of Education Celebrates Investment in Lit Camp Pilot Aimed at Addressing the Impacts of Interrupted Learning and Improving Literacy Among K-5 Students

    July 27, 2021

    CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Nevada Department of Education (NDE or Department) celebrates the culmination of Nevada’s Elementary Summer Literacy Camps (Nevada Lit Camps or Camps), which will conclude their pilot on Friday, July 30, 2021.

    Nevada Lit Camps offered intensive reading instruction to support early childhood development in students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The Camps provided teachers with professional development tools and access to a framework for instructional planning.

    This summer marked the inaugural session of Nevada Lit Camps, which were hosted in six-week periods at four schools, two in Lyon County School District and two in Las Vegas. The 240 Nevada students who participated engaged in activities that included reading, guided writing, and other opportunities to develop their literacy skills.

    “The importance of reading and strong literacy skills cannot be understated in setting our students up for long-term success in both school and life,” said Jhone Ebert, Superintendent of Public Instruction. “Nevada’s Elementary Summer Lit Camps are an exceptional example of putting our federal funding to work in the most important areas for our students, and I am thrilled with the outcomes of the first year. Thank you to our NDE team and to every educator who was involved in making these Camps successful.”

    “I saw tremendous growth in our students due to the Nevada Summer Lit Camps, and I am confident that participating students will demonstrate strengthened literacy skills as they head back to school this fall,” said Tim Logan, Deputy Superintendent of Lyon County School District. “I look forward to seeing this program expand, as it is a phenomenal opportunity to target early literacy learning and to support elementary students who are currently performing below grade-level in reading.”

    Camps were intended to provide hands-on learning experiences in a smaller class setting, and educators who were involved in the program said they saw major improvements in student literacy outcomes.

    “Nevada Summer Lit Camps provided both students and teachers the opportunity to take advantage of small groups, a literacy-rich framework that allowed for progress in reading, writing, and word study, as well as time to increase these literacy skills specifically where and how students needed assistance,” said Shannon Coombs, Principal of Yerington Elementary School. “The literacy intervention offered to these students was invaluable, and we anticipate the students' confidence carrying over into the upcoming school year.”

    This pilot of Nevada Lit Camps was designed as a research project, and funding has been allocated to collect data to measure the impact of the Camps on students’ literacy. In the long-term, NDE plans to expand the Camps to additional sites based on the proven success of the pilot.

    Nevada Lit Camps were created through a partnership between the federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Program and the State’s Read by Grade 3 Program. Camps were made possible through 21st CCLC Program funding.

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    Allegra Demerjian
    Public Information Officer