Nevada Department of EducationNevada Department of Education

    Statement from Superintendent Jhone Ebert on the Events of January 6, 2021

    January 07, 2021

    Yesterday’s events at our nation’s Capitol are a teachable moment. The violent insurgence we all witnessed was traumatic and alarming for many Nevadans, and certainly for some of our children. It is natural for students to have questions, and as adults we need to engage in these conversations with our students.

    I encourage Nevada’s educators to welcome reflection and critical thinking around yesterday’s riot and about the consequences for our democracy. As we work to prepare our students to fully participate in civic life, we cannot be silent or complacent. If we fail to engage our students in these issues in the classroom, we are not preventing them from learning about them. In fact, we are pushing the challenges that are at the forefront of our nation’s dialogue into corners and hallways, texts and forums. We cannot afford to miss this opportunity to support our students and cultivate a future for Nevada that is fair, free, and just.

    For teachers who are actively planning lessons or hoping to, I share the resources listed on this page. I urge those leading conversations to do so with intention and care that recognizes that learning about justice does not happen in one lesson, one week, or one year. We must continue to embed appropriate and courageous conversations about race, equity, and inclusion across content areas and grade levels.