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    Nevada Department of Education Celebrates Historic Education Funding Bill and Legislative Achievements

    Highlights include a $2.6 billion dollar increase in education funding over the biennium and bills aimed at improving school safety and child literacy

    June 26, 2023

    CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Nevada Department ofEducation is celebrating major legislative accomplishments for education inNevada. The 82nd Legislative Session (2023) was marked by significant achievements in education funding and policy including the passage of the largest education budget in state history and other important education-related bills.

    “ This successful legislative session marks a tremendous milestone for education in Nevada, as we have secured the largest increase in K-12 funding in state history. It is a testament to our shared belief that investing in education is investing in the future of our state,” said Jhone Ebert, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. “ I am immensely proud of all that was accomplished, including the passage of bills that will support childhood literacy, improve school safety, and streamline sports and assessments. I am beyond grateful to Governor Lombardo and the Nevada Legislature for their recognition of the vital role education plays in shaping the lives of our students. I also want to express my deepest gratitude to the staff at the Nevada Department of Education for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts during this legislative session.”

    The K-12 education budget allocatesalmost $12 billion in education spending, a $2.6 billion dollar increase ineducation funding over the biennium. This funding increases per-pupil funding by more $2,500 in fiscal year 2025, a more than 25% increase. Furthermore, it fully funds the weights of the Pupil-Centered Funding Plan, bolstering per pupil funding by $4,035 for English language learners, $3,137 for at-risk students, and $1,075 for gifted and talented students. The budget also allocates an additional $23M in special education funding for the next biennium.

    The Nevada Department of Education sponsored three bills passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Lombardo.

    Assembly Bill 65 reduces duplicate bullying reports, clarifies the bullying definition to not include mutual disagreements, and increases the timeline for site-level bullying investigations. It changes the process for adult-to-child complaints for authority to stay with the schools/district. AB65 also makes several important changes for kindergarten students, including requiring students to be five years old by August 1 to be eligible for kindergarten and requiring students to be enrolled in school by age six.

    Assembly Bill 54 ensuresclarity in language and processes throughout Nevada’s educational system. It removes sections and subsections of NRS that refer to students who receive free or reduced-priced lunch and breakfast. It creates consistent use of the terms attendance and enrollment and updates language to reflect current practice and understanding of chronic absenteeism. It also includes the local school district as a reviewer of educational transition plans for hospitals providing educational services.

    Senate Bill 9 creates a more streamlined and efficient approach to reports and assessments. It eliminates End of Course finals, removes the department from prescribing the Educational Involvement Accord, and eliminates the use of the Parent Report Card. It also increases the amount of Career and Technical Education funding that can be used for leadership and training activities.

    The Nevada Department of Education provided support on many education-related bills, including two bills sponsored by Governor Lombardo that were passed into law.

    Assembly Bill 330, the Safe and supportive Schools Act, makes changes to the state and district restorative justice and progressive discipline plans. These changes allow local education agencies to develop policies and practices to meet the unique needs of their schools, staff, students, and families.


    Assembly Bill400 is an omnibus bill that directs the Nevada Department of Education to implement several large projects. 1) To focus on early intervention and grant funds to schools and agencies to increase and support early childhood literacy and readiness programs at the Pre-K level while strengthening accountability to ensure all children are reading by the third grade. 2) Allows cities/counties to sponsor charter schools. 3) Adds additional accountability provisions to the Commission on School Funding. 4) Assists charter schools to apply for transportation funding, and 5) continues a teacher incentive program.


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