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    Lexile Measures

    Lexile Measures in Nevada

    The Lexile Framework® for Reading, commonly referred to as the Lexile Framework, has been linked with the Smarter Balanced summative assessment in English Language Arts for grades 3-8. In addition, the Lexile Framework been linked to the SAT and ACT. With Lexile measures, educators and parents can spur and support student learning.

      What Is a Lexile Measure?

      There are two kinds of Lexile measures: Lexile reader measures and Lexile text measures. Lexile reader measures describe how strong a student’s reading is. Lexile text measures describe how difficult, or complex, a text like a book or magazine article is. Lexile measures are expressed as numbers followed by an “L” (for example, 850L), and range from below 0L for beginning readers and text to above 1600L for advanced readers and text. Comparing a student’s Lexile measure with the Lexile measure of what they are reading helps gauge the “fit” between a student’s ability and the difficulty of text.
      Access communications resources including the Lexile parent guide, educator guide, librarian guide, Lexile map, Lexile infographic and video at Lexile Educator Resources and Lexile Parent Resources.

      Lexile Tools

      The new Hub platform provides access to all of the free Lexile tools that support student learning and growth in reading

        Search among over half a million books using the Find a Book book browser that:

        • Offers previews of challenging words and their definitions for each book.
        • Identifies the Lexile level and vocabulary by chapter for over 1,600 popular books.
        • Creates and manages personal book lists that can be shared.
        • Searches by a student’s Lexile measure or range, grade level or interests.

          Paste or type in text of 1,000 words or less to discover:

          • The Lexile range for the text.
          • Early Reading Indicator information for texts 650L and below.
          • Lists of similar books.
          • Challenging words highlighted in the text along with their definitions, parts of speech, example sentences.
          • Toggle to Spanish to paste or type text in Spanish and get a Lexile range.

            Create your own customized lists of consequential words from a collection of 40 million words based on general and academic domain 1-12 vocabulary. Lists can be downloaded and printed.

              Identify the Lexile level associated with the reading demands of a particular career in this new tool.

                See how a large sample of students in grades K1-12 who were administered tests that reported Lexile measures performed based on this 2010-2016 research. Interactive charts are provided for descriptive purposes only and are not intended to be interpreted as state performance standards.

                  Chart a student’s reading growth across different annual state assessments and forecast future growth. With the Growth Planners, you can:

                  • Forecast college and career readiness with Lexile measures.
                  • Compare individual student results to national student performance.
                  • Explore career options along with expected reading demands.
                  • View national, state and regional career information.
                  • Access resources to support growth in reading.

                    Determine a student's optimal reading measure when two assessments have resulted in significantly differing Lexile measures.