Nevada Department of EducationNevada Department of Education

Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education


In 2023, Senate Bill 425 created the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education. The goals of the commission are to conduct a study comparing the education policies of this State to those of high-performing international and domestic education systems; make recommendations on how to adapt the appropriate education policies of those high performing education systems into the public education system in this State; make recommendations on how to put the performance of pupils in this State in parity with the performance of those pupils in high-performing education systems; incorporate any relevant findings of any previous or ongoing studies related to funding for education; and develop an implementation plan for the recommendations made, including an analysis of the costs involved. The Commission submits a report regarding its findings to the Governor, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Legislative Commission, and the Joint Interim Standing Committee on Education.

Felicia Gonzales

Consultant to the State Superintendent