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    Nevada Department of Education Funds 10,993 Nevada Educator Projects through DonorsChoose Grant Program

    Governor Sisolak, Superintendent Ebert were joined by DonorsChoose CEO Charles Best to celebrate the first-of-its-kind partnership

    December 13, 2021

    LAS VEGAS,Nev. – Today, the Nevada Department of Education announced the completion ofthe DonorsChooseGrant Program, which was able to fund 10,993 Nevada educators’projects up to $800 using federal relief funding. NDE announced theState’s $8 million investment in this first-of-its-kind partnership onSeptember 29, and celebrate the program’s completion as final resources havebeen distributed to Nevada’s educators.

    GovernorSisolak, Superintendent Ebert, and DonorsChoose CEO Charles Best we’re joinedby several State legislators to recognize the program’s impact on Monday,December 13 at J. Harold Brinley Middle School. State leaders in attendanceincluded Senator Marilyn Dondero-Loop, Senator Mo Denis, Assemblywoman ShannonBilbray-Axelrod, and Nevada State Board of Education Member Tim Hughes.

    “Today isa joyous occasion, as we celebrate Nevada’s innovative leadership in providingour educators with needed resources,” said Jhone Ebert, State Superintendentof Public Instruction. “In just ten short weeks, we were able to distributeeight million dollars in funding to 10,993 of our educators, based on their individualneeds and classroom priorities. Thank you to Governor Sisolak, the NevadaLegislature, and DonorsChoose for bringing this first-of-its-kind program tolife in a meaningful way across our State.”

    “Nevada’seducators are some of the finest in the nation, and they have stepped uptirelessly again and again, especially over the last two school years,” saidGovernor Steve Sisolak. “We are grateful to have had this opportunity tosupport their classrooms based on their individual needs, and it was a joy tosee a few of the classrooms and projects which have experienced the positiveeffects of this program.”

    “It hasbeen an honor to partner with the Nevada Department of Education on thisinnovative project which has invested in the frontline wisdom of Nevada’seducators,” said Charles Best, CEO of DonorsChoose. “This type ofpartnership is unprecedented in the nonprofit sector and a first forDonorsChoose, and we thank the educators who have taken the initiative andopportunity to publish projects.”

    Duringtoday’s event at J. Harold Brinley Middle School, Principal Andrea Womackintroduced two educatorsfor a live unboxing of their project resources. Ms. Davis’ project, “Hands On Knowledge,” hashelped her students with disabilities have hands-on education opportunities,and Ms. Torrey’s project “Make Our School Amazing!” went to reinvigoratecampus culture and activities.

    Followingthe event, Governor Sisolak, Superintendent Ebert, and State leaders had theopportunity to visit several classrooms within the J. Harold Brinley Middle School and see otherprojects which had been funded through the DonorsChoose partnership.

    To accessadditional projects funded through this Grant Program, access the Nevada Department of EducationImpact Page.