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About CTE Accountability

Accountability puts together required reports and other information as requested; Keeps track of secondary and postsecondary enrollment, performance, and CTE program information; Works closely with other NDE accountability groups.


The purpose of the Consolidated Annual Report Summary is to provide useful information in a readable format about the outcome reporting requirements of the Cark D. Perkins Act. From 2014-2018, these report summarize reporting requirements under Perkins IV. From 2018-present, these documents summarize Nevada’s reporting requirements under the Carl D. Perkins V: Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act. These summaries provide information on relevant enrollment data, financial reports, and accountability outcomes, as reported to the U.S. Department of Education.

Performance Indicators

The Perkins V accountability system evaluates the extent to which a state’s CTE concentrators meet state-determined levels of performance across several secondary and postsecondary indicators of performance. Perkins V empowers states to set their own state-determined levels of performance for each of the four years covered by the initial state plan, based on specific criteria. The level of each core indicator performance must be the same for all concentrators in the state. The target level should also require the state to make meaningful progress toward improving the performance of all CTE students, including subgroups. These performance levels must be included in the state plan public comment process and approved by the U.S. Secretary of Education based on the criteria set forth in the law. States will continue to lead negotiations with local recipients related to local performance levels (where applicable), which must equal the state total when aggregated.

The Perkins IV files below (2014-2018) provide historical data on Perkins IV Performance Indicators that were provided to, and approved, by the US Department of Education. The CTE Accountability team provided Perkins V Performance data to the US Department of Education in January 2022. Data can be found in the "CAR Report Summary 2020-2021 (Perkins V)" above, and disaggregated performance data can be found at the Perkins Collaborative Resource Network site.

Perkins V State Performance Indicator Results

The Perkins V State Performance Indictor Results and interactive charts are available on the Perkins Collaborative Resource Network site. Please use the link below to access the Performance Indicator data.

Tannaz Rezai

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