Program Evaluation

About Program Evaluation

The focus of program evaluations in Nevada is on quality, outcomes, compliance and innovation. Each local education program operating under the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) is evaluated at least annually. NDE reviews strategies and processes to assure continuous improvement of the negotiated performance levels. NDE also reviews other quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate the progress and improvement of local programs. In addition, the evaluation process provides an opportunity for the program to share highlights and successes. Areas to be monitored include:

  • Execution of federal guidelines
  • Adherence to Nevada policy
  • Effectiveness in meeting core indicator performance levels
  • Twelve considerations specified in Sections 231 and 225 of the governing act
  • Sampling of records of students with at least twelve hours of instruction
  • Physical environment
  • Staff and student input
  • Financial and evaluative reports
  • Compliance with the National Reporting System (NRS
  • Program Data Quality


    Arianna Florence