NDE Directory

Office of the Superintendent

Jhone M. Ebert, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Phone: 775.687.9217 Email: rebecca.williams@doe.nv.gov

About Our Executive Team
The Office of the Superintendent works to direct and develop policy which will implement standards, programs, and assessments that prepare all students for college and careers; facilitate high-impact instruction and leadership through measurement and support of educator effectiveness and family engagement; evaluate and publicize school, district, and state performance and assign awards, technical assistance and interventions; and continually improve Departmental leadership and collaboration with all stakeholders.

Communications Team
Elizabeth Callahan, Public Information Officer
Phone: 702.486.6602 Email: elizabeth.callahan@doe.nv.gov
The Communications Team responds to media inquiries and public record requests while managing the Department's website, social media activities, and public relations.
Have a question about the Department? You can email:

State Board of Education
Phone: 775.687.9225
The Nevada State Board of Education acts as an advocate and visionary for all children and sets the policy that allows every child equal access to educational services, provides the vision for a premier educational system, and works in partnership with other stakeholders to ensure high levels of success for all in terms of job readiness, graduation, ability to be lifelong learners, problem solvers, citizens able to adapt to a changing world ,and contributing members of society.
Questions about the Board and public comment may be directed to:

Student Investment Division

Megan Peterson, Deputy Superintendent
Phone: 775.687.9102 Email: jloftis@doe.nv.gov

Office of Department Support Services
Celeste Arnold, Administrative Services Officer III
Phone: 775.687.9163 Email: celeste.arnold@doe.nv.gov
The Office of Department Support Services provides budgetary, contractual, fiscal, and IT support to the Nevada Department of Education to ensure efficient and effective use of public funds.

    Office of District Support Services
    Amber Reid, Administrative Services Officer III
    Phone: 775.687.9234 Email: areid@doe.nv.gov
    The Office of District Support Services includes the Audit Unit and Grants Management Unit. These units manage the administration of grants, the monthly payments to schools, and certain federal and financial reporting requirements.

      Office of Pupil-Centered Funding
      James Kirkpatrick, State Education Funding Manager
      Email: jlkirkpatrick@doe.nv.gov
      This office manages the State Education fund and the Pupil-Centered Funding Plan, to include strategic funding and related analytical support.

        Office of Division Compliance
        Amelia Thibault, Management Analyst III
        Phone: 775.687.2451  Email: acthibault@doe.nv.gov
        This office manages reporting functions such as school calendars, average daily enrolment, class size reduction, financial risk assessments, and subrecipient monitoring, in addition to initiatives to support financial transparency and compliance with state and federal regulations.  



          Craig Statucki, Deputy Superintendent
          Phone: 775.687.7283 Email: mwarachowski@doe.nv.gov 

          Career Readiness, Adult Learning, and Education Options
          Craig Statucki, Director
          Phone: 775.687.7283 Email: cstatucki@doe.nv.gov
          The Office of Career Readiness, Adult Learning, and Education Options is dedicated to developing innovative educational opportunities for students to acquire skills for productive employment and lifelong learning. Their programs and supports include Career and Technical Education, LifeWorks, Adult Education, Alternative Education, including Distance Education and Homeschooling, Career Guidance, and Perkins V & Accountability.

          Educator Development, Licensure, and Family Engagement
          Jeff Briske, Director
          Phone: 702.668.4328 Email: jjbriske@doe.nv.gov
          The Office of Educator Development, Licensure, and Family Engagement (EdLiFE) works to provide top-quality services to effectively and efficiently evaluate educator license applications; support, evaluate, and uplift educator development with programs such as the Nevada Educator Performance Framework, the Great Teaching and Leading Fund, Title II-A, and the Teacher of the Year Program; and provide resources and support for increased parental involvement and family engagement. 

          Do you have a question about licensure or educator preparedness and professional development? You can email:

          Safe and Respectful Learning Environment
          Christy McGill, Director
          Phone: 775.687.9168 Email: cmcgill@doe.nv.gov
          The Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment works to ensure that every student in Nevada, regardless of any differing characteristic or interest feels fully protected physically, emotionally, and socially. Their programs and supports include SafeVoice; Social-Emotional Learning & Social, Emotional, and Academic Development; Multi-Tiered Systems of Support; School Discipline and Restorative Practices; School Crisis and Emergency Operations Plans; Pupil Transportation; Chronic Absenteeism; and supports for School Counselors.


          Ann Marie Dickson, Deputy Superintendent
          Phone: 775.687.9223 Email: annmarie.dickson@doe.nv.gov

          Assessment, Data, and Accountability Management
          Peter Zutz, Administrator
          Phone: 775.687.9166 Email: pzutz@doe.nv.gov
          The Office of Assessment, Data, and Accountability Management (ADAM) informs the evaluations of effectiveness for schools, districts, and state and federal improvement programs, and provides the data and information to inform the improvement of systems of support aligned to the goals and objectives of the State Improvement Plan by assuring the validity, reliability, and transparency of all processes related to the collection, management, and production of data related to state-required assessments and the statewide system of accountability. Accountability programs include the Nevada School Performance Framework; the Nevada Report Card; and the Nevada Growth Model. Assessments include the Measures of Academic Progress, Smarter Balanced Assessment, the ACT, End of Course exams, and WIDA. ADAM also supports a number of data reports and responds to data requests.

          Questions about assessments, data, or accountability management? You can email:

          Early Learning & Development
          Patricia Oya, Director
          Phone: 702.486.6492 Email: poya@doe.nv.gov
          The Office of Early Learning and Development works to increase access and improve quality of early childhood programs by administering state and federal funding for programs such as the Nevada Ready! State Pre-K, Head Start State Collaboration Office, and Child Care and Development Funds – Quality Initiatives.

          If you have a question regarding early childhood Birth through 3rd grade, please email OELD@doe.nv.gov

            Inclusive Education
            Julie Bowers, Director
            Phone: 775.687.9146 Email: jabowers@doe.nv.gov
            The Office of Inclusive Education (OIE) supports Special Education, including providing oversight of federal and state mandated regulations, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and dispute resolutions; and providing resources for topics such as early childhood special education, autism, and dyslexia. OIE also supports Indian Education and Gifted and Talented Education.

            Standards and Instructional Support
            Dave Brancamp, Director
            Phone: 775.687.5930 Email: dbrancamp@doe.nv.gov
            The Office of Standards and Instructional Support monitors and supports the Nevada Academic Content Standards; literacy programs such as Read by Grade 3, Nevada Reading Week, and the Seal of Biliteracy; the Nevada Digital Learning Collaborative; dual credit; instructional materials; and competency-based education programs.

            Student and School Supports
            Maria Sauter, Interim Director
            Phone: 702.668.4309 Email: msauter@doe.nv.gov
            The Office of Student and School Supports administers and supports programs to enrich and improve opportunities for students, including Title I and Title IVA; supports for English learners, including Zoom schools; supports for migrant students, students experiencing homelessness (McKinney-Vento), and students in foster care; Victory schools; Turnaround grants and School Improvement, to include targeted support and improvement and comprehensive support and improvement programs; 21st Century Community Learning Centers; the GEAR UP program; Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs; and private school supports and the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship.