English Language Learners


The English Language Learner (EL)/Immigrant program is purposely designed to enhance school districts' capacity to provide high quality education to EL and immigrant students. To achieve this purpose, the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) supports school districts by: providing professional development opportunities and technical assistance to increase their capacity to serve these minority students to succeed academically; coordinating EL initiatives and EL policy development; providing programmatic leadership to share the knowledge base of issues related to EL programs; and supporting local institutions of higher education to develop creative professional development programs for teachers, principals, and other school-based educators.


    Linda Fields, Title III & Migrant Programs, linda.fields@doe.nv.gov, 775.687.9257

    Sarah Russell, Title III, Migrant Programs Director, sarah.russell@doe.nv.gov, 775.687.9222

    Dr. Kulwadee Axtell, Programs Evaluation, kaxtell@doe.nv.gov, 775.687.9256

    Blakely Hume, Zoom, EMC, Victory & NSHE Liaison, bhume@doe.nv.gov, 775.687.9212

    Karl Wilson, ELL Programs Supervisor, Office of Student and School Supports, karlwilson@doe.nv.gov, 702.668.4311

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