Senate Bill 313

Senate Bill 313 (2019, 80th Legislative Session) was signed into law on June 6, 2019 by Governor Steve Sisolak. The bill was sponsored by Senators Woodhouse, Denis, Dondero-Loop, and Parks. S.B. 313 continues the work presented in S.B. 200 by providing funding for teacher endorsement reimbursement, NSHE pre-service teacher program development in computer science, and establishing an account to receive gifts and donations to further the CS education work in Nevada.

Section 1: An internet repository of resources is to be built. The NDE computer science pages and the STEMHub website will be built out to include more resources from and for districts.

Section 2: A person who receives an endorsement to teach computer science may apply for reimbursement for the costs of receiving that coursework.
Note: What this reimbursement process will look like is currently under review by the State Board of Education. More information to come as it becomes available.

Section 3: An account for Computer Education and Technology is to be created within the Department of Education to accept gifts and donations to further computer science education efforts in Nevada - i.e. teacher training, reimburse endorsement costs, build NSHE pre-service teacher programs, and incentivize teachers to earn a degree/credential specializing in computer science education

Section 4: Each RPDP must provide training in computer science and integrated technology to all teachers in Nevada.

Section 6: The Board of Regents may apply for grant funding from NDE to develop the curriculum and standards required to educate and train a person who is studying to become a teacher in computer literacy and computer science. (This includes ALL pre-service K-12 teachers.)

Section 7: Funding allocation for the 19/20 and 20/21 school years is as follows:

  • Clark County: $400K for each year
  • Washoe County: $100K for each year
  • Rural/Charters: $200K for each year by a non-competitive application process. Rural districts MAY opt to apply as a consortium as in the past. Grant applications will be published on the NDE website:
  • Funding for NDE to provide monitoring and support: $12,588 (across biennium)
  • Initial amount deposited to account for Computer Education and Technology for grants: $100K
  • Total computer science education funding over the biennium: $1,632,588.

  • image with Gov Sandoval and staff signing SB313