Office of Early Learning and Development


Patti Oya

Education Programs Director

I am an early childhood architect. I build bridges and supports between the B-5 system and the K-12 system.

Alyson Godfrey

Administrative Assistant III

I work on the administrative side of things, offering support to the team so that they can do all of the wonderful things that they do!

Quality Initiatives and QRIS


Patrice Gardner

Education Programs Supervisor

In my role, I work to create collaborative partnerships that help to improve quality & enhance equity across the Nevada early childhood landscape.


Sarah Kharrat

Education Programs Professional

I orchestrate Nevada’s Quality Rating & Improvement System (QRIS) to support the ECE providers to offer quality childcare choices for our children and families.

Mychelle Weart

Education & Information Officer

I support Southern Nevada child care providers in reaching their highest potential to increase the quality of early childhood experiences for our state's youngest learners.

Mary Buchmann

Education & Information Officer

I support Northern Nevada child care providers to succeed in achieving higher levels of quality and provide the very best services for young children and families.

Nevada Ready! State Pre-K


Education Programs Supervisor

Anna Severens

Education Programs Professional
I support Nevada Ready! State Pre-K (NR!PK) programs and help maximize funding for Pre-K and K-3 teachers to provide the most educational, meaningful, and child-directed learning environments possible supporting birth to 3rd grade alignment and instructional practices. Also, known as a “P-3 Instigator” between 0-5 and K-3 worlds to build a more seamless system, coherency and alignment that best supports the whole child.

Mia Pace

Education Programs Professional
I support a state invested programed called, Nevada Ready! State Pre-K (NR!PK) to ensure our eligible 4-year-olds (and their families) receive access to high quality early education in preparation for their life-long learning.

Kelly Carr

Program Officer II Education Programs Professional
I support projects across the birth to third grade continuum, especially projects focused on aspects of kindergarten as part of the early childhood community.

Matthew Hoffman

Management Analyst II
Professionally, my role in the Office of Early Learning and Development is to use data and statistics to help policymakers understand the effectiveness of Nevada’s high quality early childhood programs and to spotlight the herculean efforts of our early childhood workforce. Personally, I want to live to see universal pre-k in Nevada.



Rachel Stepina

Grant Manager, Preschool Development Grant, Birth-5; Birth-3rd Grade Education Specialist

I'm a catalyst for early care and education reform who empowers children and families by designing solutions to strengthen the statewide systems that serve Nevada’s youngest learners.


Jon-Thomas (JT) Champlin

Management Analyst Contractor

I facilitate the gathering and interpretation of data in order to report on outcomes and inform decisions to benefit the growth of preschoolers.