Nevada Private Schools


Private schools are not funded by the state. There are two basic types of private schools: Private Exempt Schools and Private Schools. The 150+ private schools in Nevada are almost exactly split between the two types. Private Exempt Schools are those connected to a church or ministry, another government agency or a fraternal/benevolent entity. Private Schools all have a sponsoring business entity or sole proprietor. All private schools, exempt or not, must provide at least the curriculum required of our public schools, 180 days of instruction and the same number of minutes of instruction per day that is required of public schools. Private schools must be licensed by the NDE and most private schools must submit paperwork every other year in order to keep the license current (some schools have four years between submissions). Exempt private schools are required to complete and submit the Declaration of Exemption and all other private schools must complete either the Application for a New School/Renewal or the Application for Accredited Private Schools. Private schools are governed by NRS 394 and NAC 394. Parents who enroll their children in private schools agree to pay tuition and fees the school requires; some schools offer tuition assistance.

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