Week of Respect


Each year during the first week in October, schools and districts across the state of Nevada engage in activities and learning opportunities that highlight the importance of safe and respectful learning environments called the Week of Respect.

    Statutory Requirements:

    NRS 388.1395 Requirements for delivery of information during annual “Week of Respect.” The governing body of each school shall determine the most effective manner for the delivery of information to the pupils of the school during the “Week of Respect” proclaimed by the Governor each year pursuant to NRS 236.073. The information delivered during the “Week of Respect” must focus on:

    1. Methods to prevent, identify and report incidents of bullying and cyber-bullying;
    2. Methods to improve the school environment in a manner that will facilitate positive human relations among pupils; and
    3. Methods to facilitate positive human relations among pupils by eliminating the use of bullying and cyber-bullying.

    Disclaimer: The Nevada Department of Education does not in any way signify the endorsement or recommendation of any resources provided. The resources are provided as a convenience.







      Marie DuFresne,
      Office of Safe and Respectful Learning Environment’s SEAD Education Programs Professional