Seal of Biliteracy


The Nevada State Seal of Biliteracy recognizes public high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in one or more world languages in addition to English. "Participating school districts with students eligible to receive the Seal, shall place a notation on a student's high school diploma and high school transcript indicating that the student has earned the seal."

Seal of Biliteracy Numbers by District-School

Fast Facts

  • Begins with the graduation class of 2016
  • Applies to seniors who took AP and/or IB exams during their junior year, and passed!
  • Does not affect requirements for graduation
  • The Seal is affixed to the HS diploma
  • The Seal in the specific language is added to the official transcript

    Origins of the Seal of Biliteracy

    Nevada State is one of a growing number of states that have passed a Seal of Biliteracy. The Seal of Biliteracy originated in California and was signed into law in October 2011, with the first seals being issued starting in early 2012. New York State passed its bill and it was signed into law in July 2012. The state of Illinois passed its law in 2013, and a number of other states are also enacting legislation.


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