eNOTE Support Videos

Introduction to eNOTE

Learning Objectives:
    Identify system guidelines to access eNOTE-Tracker
    Access and logon to eNOTE
    Reset your password

Navigating main content areas of eNOTE

Learning Objectives:
    Change the display of the School Year
    Identify areas of monitoring Instruments
    Navigate the File Cabinet
    Set-Up & Maintenance
    Access the Help menu

Understand how monitoring reviews are conducted in eNOTE

Learning Objectives:
    Identify the order of eNOTE monitoring activities
    Identify general SEA and LEA roles and responsibilities
    Access points of communication

Navigate eNOTE Tracker Instrument Item Overview

Learning Objectives:
    Compliance Indicators
    Self-Review tool
    Resources and legal citations
    Status history

Providing Evidence in eNOTE Tracker

Learning Objectives:
    Identify Requested Documents tab
    Provide documents in response to an evidence request

Overview: Navigate the Instrument Overview Screen in eNOTE

Learning Objectives:
    Navigate instrument overview
    Assign and remove instrument submitters
    Answer Criteria questions

eNOTE Tracker Comments

Learning Objectives:
    Locate and read comments
    Post comments
    Manage e-mail notifications regarding comments

Access the eNOTE Tracker File Cabinet

Learning Objectives:
    Access documents
    Modify and delete documents

Submission and Post-Review on eNOTE Tracker

Learning Objective:
    Submit an instrument
    View the results of the NDE review
    Respond to NDE findings

eNOTE Tracker Administrative User Management

Learning Objective:
    Access users
    Create new users
    Modify existing users
    Add your organization to an existing user
    Retire users