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    A valid and reliable accountability system is the foundation for all school and District related data reporting and generates all data reports required by state and federal law. As a repository for meaningful and actionable data, the accountability system provides accurate, useful, honest and on-time data and assists in rigorous analysis to identify whether schools and Districts are improving and are preparing students for success in college and career. The system tracks student learning progress, is essential to monitoring school quality, informs instructional practices and is helpful to parents in informing school selection.

      Accountability Programs

        Nevada School Performance Framework

        The Nevada School Performance Framework is a stakeholder developed roadmap for rating Nevada schools based on multiple measures of student and school performance. Schools receive a 1-5 Star rating.

        Alternative Performance Framework

        Nevada’s Alternate Performance Framework is accountability and reporting system tailored to meet the needs of Alternative Schools and their students.

        Nevada Growth Model

        The Nevada Growth Model measures the growth of student academic performance compared to their "academic peers" over time.

        Nevada Report Card

        In compliance with the collection of data required by both federal and state law, the Nevada Report Card provides State, district and school level reporting data to the public in a user friendly format.

        EDEN & EdFacts Overview (external link)

        ED Facts is a U. S. Department of Education (ED) initiative to collect, analyze, report on and promote the use of high-quality, kindergarten through grade 12 (K–12) performance data for use in education planning, policymaking, and management and budget decision making to improve outcomes for students.


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