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    Alternative Performance Framework


    The Alternative Performance Framework (APF) is designed to report performance data for alternative schools that serve a high-needs population of students. These schools typically fall into one of four categories:

    • schools offering credit recovery programs
    • schools offering behavioral/continuation programs
    • Juvenile Detention Facilities serving adjudicated youth
    • Special Education schools serving students with identified disabilities 

    Comprised of several Performance Indicators and Measures, the APF is guided by stakeholder engagement, NRS 385A.730 and NRS 385A.740, Regulation No. R126-15 (2016) and the APF Guidance Document.

    Eligible schools apply to and receive approval from the State Board of Education in order to be included in the APF.

    Once baseline data has been established, and benchmarks selected, a Continuum of Performance rating of Improving, Maintaining or Declining is applied to each Measure. Performance ratings compare the current school year’s performance with that of the immediately preceding school year for each Measure.

    School APF reports can be found on the Nevada Report Card website.


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