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    NEPF Monitoring for Continuous Improvement

    Continuous improvement requires specific measurable goals, the flexibility to test evidence-based solutions, time to research and implement strategies, and the collection and use of data (Best & Dunlap, 2014). Assessing educators’ performance — and using that data to guide their professional growth and development — can build and sustain a workforce driven by continuous improvement, so that instruction improves and each student is afforded access to highly effective educators (LeFloch et al., 2016).

    Nevada law requires that all local education agencies (LEAs) in the state “annually review the manner in which schools carry out the evaluation of teachers and administrators pursuant to the statewide performance evaluation system” known as the Nevada Educator Performance Framework, or NEPF (N.R.S. Chapter 391.485 (2). To support this work, the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) offers a range of technical assistance options including, but not limited to:

    • A guidance memo signed by the Nevada State Superintendent of Public Instruction
    • A guidance document with required teacher and administrator surveys to be utilized by all LEAs;
    • An introductory webinar on the intended use of this guidance;
    • Support with online survey administration and the analysis of results;
    • Professional development on data analysis and continuous improvement provided by the Department with external technical assistance partners; and
    • Facilitation of focus groups to examine local NEPF implementation issues.

    For further information or assistance regarding this guidance, please contact:
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