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Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program (Opportunity Scholarship)

The Nevada legislature established the Educational Choice Scholarship Program in 2015. Also known as the Opportunity Scholarship, the program provides need-based scholarships for students who live in households whose income level does not exceed 300 percent of federal poverty guidelines. Parents and guardians of private school students can apply the scholarship toward tuition, fees, and transportation costs associated with attending the private school.

The Nevada Department of Education does not send or accept scholarship applications. Parents and guardians should apply directly with the Scholarship Grant Organizations (SGOs) below.

Registered Scholarship Organizations List (pdf)

Businesses who would like to make donations should also contact the SGOs directly using the contact information above.


For more information on the donation process, please visit the Department of Taxation's Educational Choice Scholarship Webpage.

The Nevada Department of Education is responsible for determining the maximum amount of scholarship funding any one student may receive based on the Consumer Price Index. The maximum scholarship amount per-student for the 2023-2024 school year is $9,424.00.

For Fiscal Year (FY) 2024, the maximum amount of donations per NRS 363A.139 and NRS 363B.119 was $6,655,000.00.