About the Department

What does the Nevada Department of Education do?

The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) is an executive state agency that works to provide comprehensive pre-K-12 programs and supports. NDE develops and implements education policy, conducts educator licensure, and supports students, families, schools, educators, and districts via programmatic and technical supports. This work supports our mission to improve student achievement and educator effectiveness by ensuring opportunities, facilitating learning, and promoting excellence.

For more information about our divisions and offices, including a breakdown of the expertise and programs each office supports, please see the NDE Directory.

    What are NDE’s priorities?

    The Department’s work is guided by our 5-year strategic improvement plan, our Statewide Plan for the Improvement of Pupils (STIP). This plan is student-focused, works to close opportunity gaps, and is guided by the Department’s values:

    • Equity: The learning needs of every student are supported in an environment where all students are valued, respected, and see themselves in their curriculum and instructional materials while experiencing academic success without regard to differences in age, gender, socio-economic status, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, native language, national origin, or citizenship status.
    • Access to Quality: Students, educators, and families have opportunities to take full advantage of Nevada’s education system, regardless of their zip code, district, or setting.
    • Success: Lead the nation in the excellence and rigor of our standards, assessments, and outcomes for students and educators.
    • Inclusivity: Learners are served in their least restrictive environment in culturally responsive and sustaining schools.
    • Community: NDE collaborates with educators, districts, families, stakeholders, and partner agencies to lead a high-performing and responsive system of education for all Nevadans.
    • Transparency: Districts, schools, and communities are served through efficient and effective use of public funds and fulfillment of statutory responsibilities.

    For more information about our priorities, goals, and strategies to improve education in Nevada, please see About our Strategic Improvement Plan.   

      How does NDE accomplish its work, and how may I be involved?

      The Department prioritizes stakeholder engagement during the development and review of policies and programs, including extensive collaboration with district superintendents, community partnerships, partner agencies, and other stakeholders. The Department has multiple Boards, Commissions, and Task Forces that focus on specific policy areas. If you would like to engage with the development of policy, all statutory Boards are open to the public; they are livestreamed and have opportunities for the public to submit comment regarding the work of that Board. For more information, see our Boards, Commissions & Councils, Public Meetings, and Regulation Workshops and Public Hearings. 

        How can I stay up to date with Department initiatives?

        Our Public Information Office manages NDE social media and press releases which provide updates to the public regarding Department policies and programs and celebrating the work of our students and educators across Nevada. The PIO also provides a biweekly update to administrators and interested educators and stakeholders regarding resources, events, and opportunities. In our Newsroom, you may subscribe to our press releases and social media, and request subscription to our biweekly update.

        You may subscribe to our grant notifications list on our Grant Information page, review requests for information and requests for proposals on our Contracts page, and find information about Legislative initiatives on our Legislative Session Updates.

          How do I request information from the Department or find information about schools and districts?

          If you have questions, including data requests, public records requests, questions about licensure, or other types of inquiries, please see our Contact Us.

          Information about our schools and districts, such as enrollment and achievement data, school safety, graduation rates, expenditures, or proficiency rates, may be found on the Nevada Report Card, our accountability portal. Information regarding schools and districts, including charters, private schools, homeschooling, etc., may be found on our Districts page.