ELAD Endorsement

TESL – Recommendation 3.1 revised (presented SBE 7/21/16)

The TESL Subcommittee and English Mastery Council convened meetings on 3/3/16, 3/25/16 & 3/29/16 convened with the explicit purpose to revised language to Recommendation 3.1 based on feedback from NSHE collaborative meetings. The culmination of this effort is full ELAD endorsement for all pre-service and Alternate Route Licensure (ARL) teachers by 2022 (or no later than 6 years after adoption of the regulation by the regulatory board).

In an effort to improve the quality of instruction for all English Language Learners in Pre Kindergarten – 12, all Nevada teacher pre-service preparation programs and Alternate Route Licensure (ARL) programs will include the ELAD endorsement. We propose that:

  1. The first stage requires that Early Childhood Education (ECE) (birth to grade 2) and elementary (K-8) teacher preparation programs include an ELAD endorsement in the state of Nevada by 2020.
  2. The second stage would include an ELAD endorsement for secondary teacher preparation programs in the state of Nevada by 2022.