Senate Bill 353 Convening


In 2021, the Nevada Legislature passed Senate Bill 353, which requires the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) to review district use of assessments and develop regulations regarding the number of assessments and amount of time students spend on assessments. To understand the current assessment landscape across Nevada districts and collect data that informs these regulations, NDE is partnering with WestEd, a nonprofit research organization, to carry this effort forward. Part of this critical work includes holding a series of conversations with Nevada educators, school and district leaders, assessment experts, and policymakers to discuss assessment across the state and identify priorities for assessment regulations. These virtual convenings will be held on the following dates:


  • Monday, April 18;
  • Wednesday, June 15; (rescheduled for 7/6/22)
  • Wednesday, July 6;
  • Wednesday, September 14; and 
  • Wednesday, December 7.



    Peter Zutz
    (775) 687-9166  


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