Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Cabinet (STAC)


In November of 2017, the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) launched the inaugural Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Cabinet (STAC). The STAC members represent six Nevada school districts, including urban, suburban, rural, and charter.

With the goal of elevating educator voice within the Department, and promoting the work of the Department’s work across the state, STAC members engage in research, robust conversation with NDE leaders, and share their input on the State Improvement Plan (STIP), Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), Student Achievement, and the impact of COVID-19.

As a key stakeholder group, the STAC's primary purpose is to provide feedback to NDE on initiatives and opportunities. Members not only provide insight from their experiences, but also gather feedback from peers to help inform the NDE. Members also expand their understanding of each NDE Department, as well as the NDE’s Mission, Vision, and Goals. The work of the STAC lives in STIP Goal 2 and works toward achieving every goal across the STIP.


    KellyLynn Charles
    Education Programs Professional