Human Services


This Career Cluster® is focused on preparing individuals for employment in careers that relate to families and human needs such as counseling and mental health services, family and community services, personal care, and consumer services.

The Employability Skills for Career Readiness Standards must be an integrated component of all CTE course sequences.


The Cosmetology program is designed to prepare students for the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Exam and to meet the 1800-hour requirement for licensure. Students have the opportunity to receive a master license that allows them to choose many career options such as a nail technician, aesthetician, or hair stylist. Areas of study include theory and clinical instruction in professional ethics, sanitation, human anatomy, facials, skin care, makeup application, manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, haircutting, haircoloring, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, and all phases of hair care.

Family and Consumer Sciences

The Family and Consumer Sciences program provides instruction in family and consumer sciences topics to prepare students for adult roles and responsibilities. The major focus is on developing skills for balancing home, work, and life by studying how to be successful with life management, wealth management, family development, home management, health and fitness, and leadership and community participation.

Foods and Nutrition

The Foods and Nutrition program provides an in-depth study in the areas of food preparation, nutrition and their relationships to personal and family wellness. Students study the importance of food choices and learn preparation techniques to maintain nutrition with the goal of fitness. Other topics include foods and customs, individual needs throughout the lifecycle and occupations in the food services industry.

Human and Social Services (valid beginning 2022-23 school year)

The Human and Social Services program provides students with opportunities to learn about occupations in Human Services. Areas of study include Consumer Services, Counseling and Mental Health Services, Early Childhood Development and Services, Family and Community Services and Personal Care Services.

Human Development (SY 2021-22 was the last year offered)

The Human Development program introduces the topic of Human Development. Areas of study include the stages of human growth and development throughout the lifespan. Topics include developmental stages and influences on physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.

Students who started the program of study in or prior to the 2021-22 school year will complete program sequence as stated in the 2020-21 CTE Course Catalog. The Level 3 course for students who started the program of study in or prior to the 2021-22 school year will be offered through the 2023-24 school year.