Nevada Commission on Mentoring


The Commission was established for the purpose of supporting and facilitating mentorship programs in the state of Nevada.

Membership/Membership Terms:

Under existing law, the membership of the Commission consists of 13 members inclusive of superintendents of certain school districts in this State and members appointed by the Governor, the Commission, the Speaker and Minority Leader of the Assembly and the Majority Leader and Minority Leader of the Senate. The Commission appoints four additional voting members. Appointment of all NCOM members is pursuant to the following identified in NRS 385.760:

  • All members appointed by the Speaker or Minority Leader of the Assembly or the Majority Leader or Minority Leader of the Senate to not be legislators
  • Reduces the term of office for a member of the Commission from 4 years to 2 years and prohibits members from serving more than two consecutive terms
  • Requires the removal of a member who fails to attend two consecutive meetings
  • Terms of office for members serving on the Commission as of July 1, 2019, expire on that date and require that new members be appointed with initial terms of 1 or 2 years to provide for staggered terms of the 13 members of the Commission
  • Not later than October 1, 2019, the appointing authorities shall appoint members to the Commission
  • At the first meeting of the Commission on or after October 1, 2019, and after the appointment of 4 voting members to the Commission pursuant to Section 1 of this act, the members shall choose their term of office by lot (5 members for terms of 1 year and 4 members for terms of 2 years).  

The Commission shall meet at least once per calendar quarter and at other times at the request of the Chair or the majority of its members.

All members serve without compensation except travel expenses and per diem allowances shall be paid at state rate when engaged in official Commission business.

Existing law requires the Commission to employ a coordinator for mentorship programs in the State. Per (NRS 385.789) it is required that the Commission work in consultation with the Department of Education to provide direction and guidance for such coordinator.

General Duties:
The Advisory Commission shall:

  • Initiate an affiliate process
  • Award certain grants of money to mentorship programs
  • Plan and host a statewide mentorship conference
  • Appoint committees from its members.
  • Engage the services of volunteers and consultants without compensation.
  • Enter into public-private partnerships with any business, for-profit or non-profit organization.
  • Apply for and receive gifts, grants, contributions and other money from any source.
  • Establish model guidelines and parameters for new and existing mentorship programs.
  • Develop a model financial plan providing for the sustainability and financial stability of existing mentorship programs.
  • Develop model protocols for the management of mentors, mentees and matches under existing mentorship programs.
  • Employ a coordinator for mentorship programs in this State
  • Develop and administer a competitive or capacity building grants program to award grants of money to mentorship programs.
  • The Commission shall, on or before February 1 of each year, prepare and submit a report outlining the activities and recommendations of the Commission to: (a) The Governor; and (b) The Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau for transmittal to the Legislature or to the Legislative Commission if the Legislature is not in regular session. 



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