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Senate Bill 543 (2019) created the 11-member Commission on School Funding to guide the work of the Department of Education to revamp Nevada’s K-12 education funding formula for the first time in over a half-century. The Commission's responsibilities also include, but are not limited to: 

  • Provide guidance to school districts and the Department of Education on the implementation of the Pupil-Centered Funding Plan;
  • Review the base per pupil funding amount, the adjusted per pupil funding for each district, and the multiplier for weighted funding for each category of students and recommend revisions as they determine to be appropriate;
  • Review state laws and regulations related to education and make recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public education;
  • Review and make recommendations relative to the Pupil-Centered Funding Plan’s equity and cost adjustment factors, which include those for each county, small schools, and small districts; and
  • Review the Department of Education’s reports on the personnel and services an average school could employ based on the funding included in the Governor’s recommended budget and the budget approved by the Legislature and provide recommendations for revision as appropriate.

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    Commission Recommendations

    Per Section 76.3 of Senate Bill (SB) 543, the Commission on School Funding shall make recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature for any changes that the Commission determines to be necessary for the successful implementation of SB 543. The Commission submitted its recommendations on July 15, 2020. The transmittal letters and recommendations can be found at the links below.


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