Data Requests

Data Request Process

The Data Request process is NOT a Public Records Request or an Information Request. Public Record Requests and Information Requests may be accessed through The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) Communications Division.    

Media requests should be directed to NDE's Public Information Officer at    

NDE publicly reports data in several categories. Please see the list on the right for NDE pages with publicly available reports, by category. Data which is not publicly available may be requested through the Data Request process.   

The NDE Data Request form must be filled out and submitted for all Data Requests. This includes internal and external requests that do or do not request Personally Identifiable Information (PII). All Data Requests are reviewed monthly by the Nevada Department of Education Data Governance Board after which the requester is notified of the Board’s decision.     

In accordance with FERPA, data may be subject to suppression to protect student and employee privacy. Please see the Department’s Information and Security Privacy Policy document for more details.    

A requestor may solicit individual-level data, but NDE is restricted by federal and state law from providing individual-level data except under very specific circumstances. All requests for individual-level data will be thoroughly reviewed by NDE Data Governance Board for alignment with those laws and NDE's Information Security and Privacy Policy. 

PII Data Requests     

  • The PII Data Request process can take a number of months to fulfill.
  • NDE does not approve Data Requests for PII solely for research purposes.
  • NDE will not provide student names for any research request.
  • A Data Sharing Agreement must be in place for all approved Data Requests prior to the Data Request being fulfilled. Please note that the process for completing and signing Data Sharing Agreements can take up to a month.      

Non-PII Data Requests 

The fulfillment time for non-PII Data Requests and external Data Requests is from 30 to 45 days. This timeframe is subject to change based on existing unit workloads and the requirements of each Data Request. If NDE cannot complete a request within this timeframe, a staff member will contact the requestor within a week of the request to discuss what timeframe may be feasible.