Special Education Licenses and Endorsements

This license allows an educator to teach exceptional pupils in a given area of specialization. See the list of available endorsements below for specific qualifications within each area.

The relevant section in Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) specifying the requirements to hold these endorsement types are below:

      Adapted Physical Education

      Alternative Education


      Early Childhood Developmentally Delayed

      Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

      Generalist Resource Room (Mild to Moderate)

      Hearing Impairments

      Intellectual Disabilities (Moderate to Intense)

      Orientation and Mobility

      Speech and Language Impairments

      Visual Impairments

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: How do I apply for a reciprocal Special Education license and endorsements?
      A: For information on Reciprocity, please visit our New Teachers (out of state) section of the website.

      Q: How do I apply for a license?
      A: You must create an OPAL account and submit your electronic application and supporting documentation online to our office.

      Q: What testing do I have to take for this license?
      A: For testing information, please visit the Praxis ETS Website.