Special Licenses/Endorsements

These licenses and endorsements allow an educator to teach a specific subject either at the grade level of their existing license, or at any grade level K-12, depending on the area of the endorsement. The specific grade level and coursework requirements to obtain each endorsement are detailed in the documents below.

    * Endorsement requires a base teaching license. Please refer to the specific endorsement document for details.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: How do I apply for a reciprocal Special license or endorsements?
      A: For information on Reciprocity, please visit our New Teachers (out of state) section of the website.

      Q: How do I apply for a license?
      A: You must create an OPAL account and submit your electronic application and supporting documentation online to our office.

      Q: What testing do I have to take for these licenses and/or endorsements?
      A: For testing information, please visit the Praxis ETS Website.