Bullying Prevention Funding

A learning environment that is safe and respectful is essential for the pupils enrolled in in Nevada schools (NRS 388.132 (2)). Nevada Revised Statute states any form of bullying/cyberbullying seriously interferes with educational opportunities (NRS 388.132 (4)). School districts and schools must train staff and students on Bullying prevention. 

Bullying Prevention/Training Application

This bullying prevention/training application creates the mechanism for compliance with Legislative mandate while supporting districts in efforts to meet the unique needs of their school communities. It also acts as an agreement between the LEA and the SEA for creating the conditions necessary to support collaborative and responsive partnership as we work towards having bully free schools for all students and all staff.

Please contact Laura Hutchinson at: lhutchinson@doe.nv.gov.

Funding Period: Bullying Prevention Funding: Upon subgrant approval- June 30, 2023

Eligible Entities: All Nevada public school districts and charter academies

Due Date: May 30, 2022